Adam hiking up Gloria's Mountain.
We had a ride with Pete and Mary in their boat across Lake Laberge

Taking a break on the way up.  It was a bit steep in sections but coming down we took the gully and used the trees!

At the top of the hike we had some great views back at where we had come from.  We had lunch at the top.

Mary and Rumba at the top and looking out to the Yukon River.  The big bend is called Steamboat slough.

Adam signed up for a bit of yard work and the first thing on the list was to twin our Organic cooler.  He dug a big hole and buried a metal garbage can.

The ground in this spot has a small patch of permafrost and therefore anything in the can is nicely chilled down.  We use it in the winter too as the temperature is quite stable.

Mary on the Flat Mtn. trail during a hike in the rain.  The trail goes for 7kms and reaches the alpine.

Adam looking back towards Lake Laberge.  On another day we could take this trail all the way to the top of Flat Mtn. but this day it was too cloudy.

Lara at one of the snack stops before getting to the alpine, unfortunately we didn't get any snaps where we turned around, next time.

Adam on Fox Lake just north of our place.  We left on a quest for grayling, or at the very least pike.

Unfortunately the only pike we could get were the common headless variety... this is Bob and Suzie (a bit smaller = Adam's fish) is in the bucket.

Looking north on the lake - usually a very windy spot.  We had a blue sky day and a light wind.  No UFO sightings though?  Often they can be seen here.

DH a bit happier after the disaster of the filet knife - an hour before.  It now lies at the bottom of ever clear Fox lake.

We headed to Kluane National Park for an overnight in Haines Junction.  Adam need time to contemplate in the mountians...

We also 'scoped out some mountian goats, tiny white dots on the mountian side some 6kms distant - still quite fun to see.

Our friend, Katrina from Haines Junction came along on our hike of Kings Throne - a scramble up a rock glacier

DH with Kathleen lake in the background about half way up the hike.

Looking back down the "trail" and to another group of hikers (happened to be our whitehorse neighbour Petra taking some tourists out)

Lara (aka Tosey) happy to be at the top and also being photographed

Adam, exhausted after setting a fast pace to the top, needed to cool down quickly - snow fight anyone?

The only true way to descend a rock mountain is to talus surf your way down (much better on the knees)

...and quite spectacular too if you have time to look up.

... but a bit hard on the city dude footwear.

Looking back at King's Throne after returning to the lake and the Blazer.

And her she is, the Blazer making it one more time over the Haines Summit in somewhat clear skies.

Our 'diamond in the rough' eating spot in Haines.  South of the Boarder mexican restaurant.

This is why we drove 400 kms - the FISH.  Pink salmon, this one a male in the middle of it's spawning cycle (called a humpy).  Adam having a heck of a time with this guy.

With the "humpy" under control.  We only kept the females, about 18 in total - making sure to stay away form the bears...

Our spot along the Chilkoot river just up from the open ocean.  Hoards of eagles were around to eat up any wayward salmon.

This was posted at our first parking spot where we were going to go fishing... instead we crossed a 50 m bridge and fished the other side of the river!

On the way back from Haines we stopped lots to spot some more goats - trying to get something bigger than a pin-head.

Without much luck on the goats we still maintained our sense of humour, likely powered by two coffees each and a whack of Milk-Duds.

Until....we powered out and felt, spent as a spent salmon.

On the Road to Haines

On the Road to Whitehorse

We distributed fish in Haines Junction and around the neighbourhood then had a round of disc golf at Jeff and Leylas.  This is Sofia bombing around on her new bike.

Set up at the market on the first day of September

A possible blue sky day interrupted by clouds

DH and Graham doing the clown-thing...

back at the ranch, next day - pulling a stump (quite a bit cleaner without the power washer...)

Hike up to Rock of Perfect Balance with Pete and Mary.  Here we are resting at the 'flintsone's mailbox"

Adam at the top of the hike with trusty walking stick

rites of passage - under the Rock of Perfect Balance.

view from top back towards Lake Laberge and Shallow Bay

Adam at top

Saturday morning at 7am the temperature is -3C as Adam and DH head to Boyleville

Some of Gerry's latest puppies and future Quest/Iditarod racers!!

The leaders holding out the string of 14 dogs at hook-up.

The essential tool of fall training - the ATV.  Not the nicest way to run dogs, but untill the snow flies...

The string of dogs on the trail next to the Klondike Highway.

Our neighbours field of oats - amazingly hand stooked!!

returning back with the Boyle-bump in the background

Gerry visiting with his leaders (maggie) while taking a short break ( Quest dogsledding.htm)

back in the dogyard, the air is still cold enough to see the dog's breaths.  Gerry is able to let all the dogs off their chains before and after the run - they zip around, visit, stretching their legs the whole while.