Welcome to my new show of polymer clay artwork.  I wanted to experiment with art for the wall that had dimension, or gave the illusion of having dimension.  I became fixated with texture, polka-dots and “voids” or “portals”; growth is a central theme as well.

    This August, after the great Yukon heat wave ’04, I was lucky enough to have spent a second summer and fall in Ontario.  It was green and lush with growth in the forest and the garden; the growth I witnessed in the cities, was of a different nature altogether!!

    Holidays are great, but I was thrilled to be back home again in the little poly-cabin with my clay and my eager hands.  Mushrooms, various fungi and flower-like buds are immensely fun to create, and I can hardly wait to invent more species.  Four years in a university biology program was not for naught!!

    The Rainbow Connection comprises twelve pieces and evolved from an exploration of colour blending and an overwhelming love of the rainbow itself.  The colour evokes images of food, so I chose some of my favourite flavours in my three favourite languages.  As we were photographing the work, it became apparent that some of the other pieces seemed to blend together as well - appropriately, they are placed above the Rainbow Connection.

    There are single pieces in the show that inspire me to create a whole body of work, exploring their technique, style or form.  I look forward to long happy days at my studio with the pasta machine at full throttle!